One Day

One Day

I’m going to be making my most ambitious animation over the next two years +.

I’m going to give it my all, I’m going to soak every bit out of myself into it. It’s going to be a big journey.

A lot of it will be extremely private and emotionally charged but I have decided to publicize the process; the script, the ideas, the drawings, the storyboards the complete development. Or at least the work that maybe of interest.

If you’d like to follow this process I will categorise the relevant posts under ‘Birth of a film’

  1. If anybody has the stamina, the dedication, the (now I realise, sometimes necessary) spontaneous ‘damn’less action, the interest/entertainment factor and *ahem* the balls to do this, you do sir.

    I have reserved my seat and set the video for days away… ace!

    • Sir.

      You are most kind, let the unravelling of ones soul commence!


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