Essay – 2009

The Visual Assault.

(Abridged from 10,000 words to 154)

saturating our world with images
The perpetual tidal
images that drown out their own impact.
absolute onslaught
image consumption is
our senses

‘slow food movement’ will envelope other aspects of
Maybe we can
the merits
slow consumption shopping, fashion, magazines, advertising, image and film).

Image overload and output will not slow down?
Maybe the slow movement is here to nudge to take stock of his/her own overloads?
Perhaps, when we can stand back from the visual assault something very interesting?
meaningful experience can be obtained from within the writhing mass of image?

To recalibrate.
I explore and seek; , it is produced and available in great numbers publications, on-line and in particular.
collections of films and image I like are readily available they still remain obscured like rare work of art in antique shop,
rammed down our throats whenever we are exploring.
So, taking stock of the onslaught, slowing down and being aware



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