text word font type speak read watch see

A pleasure to be working with the good people at neo who really understand colour and quality graphics. Putting these marvellous compositions into motion will be a pleasure.

It’s easy for people to sigh the words ‘corporate film’ – but I see the (understandable) constraints of many commissions the greatest of challenges – the best opportunity to flex creativity. This graphic effortlessly shows this idea; it doesn’t make the viewer wrestle with the design, even though it is beautifully executed, the effect is for the viewer to only read and understand the message whilst absorbing the combination of colours and type arrangement. – Splendid.

Typography has always been alchemy to me. I’ve actually spent most of my life hating it’s sharp edges and mathematical sterility. I’ve only ever really liked the block print text art from those fabulous DADAISTS and VORTICISTS in the early 1910’s and maybe this is why I’m enjoying this project so much, the similarities are evident. It’s really important to shift your opinion and this animation is giving me the opportunity to do just that.

Click on the top image for neo’s site and definitely click on Blast image and buy this book! – Brilliant.



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