Simon Vs

I’ve got rather wrapped up in the creation of Paperback Films and have not written for a while and then there’s so much to write you feel a back log and then don’t write anything at all.

There are many projects afoot! 10 short film ideas in fact. There’s been a heck of a lot of drawing up ideas and the creation of mood boards and then I actually felt a bit ‘spent’ which was rather agreeable – it’s not often you refine and create 10 film proposals in one hit. I’d like to supply one still for each but just have these in mind –


There’s a lot of excitement around these images, if this short goes well it may give birth to a much larger idea which in turn could see a great shift in my and Paperback Films future.

I’m being vague, forgive me, it’s Sunday, the moment has to trickle out slowly on Sundays.Anyhow, there’s something to be said for presenting images without explanation. I read the biography of Henri Langlois, the eccentric creator of the French Cinematheque and there was a wonderful section about the art shows he used to put together, usually compromising of his own collection of film memorabilia (be it; an outfit or a curious prop), and what struck me was his vision of how an art show should be presented – simply by omitting all title and explanation cards, you know that little card to the side of every art work that has the title, date and outline text. Henri Langlois thought that these created a destructive influence on the viewer as they told people how wonderful/old/collectable/great the works were and that people tended to spend more time worrying about the facts rather than the works themselves. Remove the explanation and let the viewer make their own mind up, let the viewer decide how fabulous or awful the work is. Not only this but the viewer can then use their own brain to assemble the relationship each work has with another in the exhibition rather than wandering around almost brainlessly collecting the memory of the little cards, little tick boxes, ‘yes seen that, next, yes good, seen that’


Anyway, Off to a friends house who cooks the most delicious roast, no explanation cards required, set the masterpiece dinner against some cheap wine and good conversation. Cheap wine – good wine. Maybe it’s the setting you put a bottle in that decides if it’s good or not? And what’s with wine explanation cards and wrappers anyway, anyway, anyway, Sunday transmission and the glorious blue, how are you?



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