Away with the fairies.

I’ve been away and never wish to write for the sake of writing. Had lunch with a dear friend and fine film maker, he remarked – Everything is documented now, there’s too much documentation. It’s true, it’s a neat little sentiment that doesn’t need expansion, take it with you and don’t worry so much about writing and photographing everything you do, live, be in the day, walk around and let the whole experience be lost, it’s a scary thought I know, but necessary…

…I’m thinking about remarks i’m hearing at the moment – that people tend to watch live music/performances through the viewfinder of their phone, isn’t that a horrible idea?

Let’s move on, i’m busy, you’re busy, i’m making films, and there’s no time, i’m documenting the lack of time. And not documenting about my film making.

Went to the Man Ray exhibition at the National Portrait gallery. I was fortunate enough to tag along with my tag along, a photographer – he elegantly highlighted that some of the shots were out of focus, this wouldn’t do now would it? But the creation of such beautiful abandon and clear genius left me dumbfounded, the various techniques he discovered set him apart from the rest of course, but I was left thankful that the Dadaists and co had a chap along who documented the whole event, it was also great to see these people in their youth, Dali for instance – the wirey youth staring down the lens, I became aware that his photograpic imprint on my mind was the 70 year old Dali, how strange. The others too; Arp, Duchamp, Tzara, etc. are all there, such great people, all 20 years old, all mad and enjoying the day without worrying about the documentation. But where would we be without it? I’ve gone full circle?

Insert moral here?

Message to Man Ray 1951 – Do not take up painting.



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