Smile For London (2012)




Smile For London – Red Balloon (2012)

Note: The narrator’s poem and the text on screen go off key at the end, this is deliberate. The film is intended to be played without sound and I thought it best to slow down the text so it is more readable.

Now then, turn off your sound, shut your eyes and stop messing about.

“We LOVE London. That’s why we’re turning the cross track projection screens on the London Underground into a digital playground by exhibiting moving image by the best emerging and established artists around. Our mission is to unleash these creative minds to explore the medium of silent digital film with the aim of engaging, uplifting and inspiring commuters.”

“The team behind the first digital art exhibition on the XTP Underground screens, returned in January with their latest moving image exhibition, Word in Motion. Smile for London invited London’s budding and established poets to uplift and inspire commuters during the bleakest month of the year with poems or prose of up to 40 words.

The pieces were being transformed by leading motion artists into 20-second-typographic-films, to be screened on the Underground platform screens for two weeks from 16th January 2012.

Taking it’s cue from the seeming indifference to literature and the written word during the London riots, Word in Motion aims to reinvigorate an interest in poetry and writing as well as amuse and visually inspire.

We have brought together a fantastic group of writers from the world of literature and music as well as some hugely creative and innovative motion artists and film makers including Smile for London veterans from our first exhibition, plus leading typographers and illustrators. We are honoured to have them all on board.

We also received some fantastic submissions from writers in response to our online request for contributions. These were judged by Bang Said The Gun, Jarvis Cocker, Cerys Matthews, Murray Lachlan Young and Mark One, BAFTA winning director and creative director. Word in Motion specifically set an open brief to uplift and inspire and will feature collaborative pieces guaranteed to intrigue and excite.

The illustrators, typographers, animators and filmmakers picked their poems blind with no knowledge of which writers’ work they chose to animate. This selection process was done to encourage a spirit of democracy and ensure the artists have an emotional engagement with their chosen poem.

The process has ensured we have many exciting collaborations to unveil…”



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