Tate – Unlock Art: Sally Phillips on Shopping for Art – 2014

Note: This is my own cut of the original film, some scenes are omitted as I didn’t have access to final edits (non animated scenes)

From Tutankhamun to the ancient Greeks, the church to the Medicis, there’s a long history of shopping for art. Comedian Sally Phillips explains the bulk-buys and the beheadings — then explores the international art fair circuit to find out what’s worth its weight in gold … and why Tate bought the rights to form an orderly queue at any time

‘Unlock Art’ is Tate’s new short film series, offering a witty inside track on the world of art. Sally Phillips joins forces with new Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi, Frank Skinner, Alan Cumming and other celebrity art fans to introduce some of the big ideas that have shaped art history. A new film is released each month, with topics ranging from the history of the nude and the nature of the art market, to surrealism and Pop art. The topic of the last of the eight films in the series will be put to an online public vote.
Unlock Art is a collaboration between Tate and Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts. As an ongoing supporter of Tate’s work, Le Méridien also sponsors the Outset/Frieze Art Fair Fund to benefit the Tate collection, which enables Tate to buy work by emerging artists at Frieze London