Here’s a place for all my shorter works, intros, outros, spooks, spots and hot shots…

Secret Emporium – Winter adition – Promo 2013

PaperBack Films Showreel 2013

At the beach – 2013

Born from the joy of stopping something I didn’t like and doing something I did.

Christmas Ident 2012

A little ident commission to offer good tidings in a news letter… This zillion layer anim turned around from idea to completion in 6 hours, 3 mince pies and 4 cups of tea….

Snow Report 2012

Had a lot of fun working with ‘Haute Productions’ to produce a pop-art-meets-punk-ski-culture intro sequence for this seasons snow report for Morzine…

Life Without You 2011

An experiment with Collaborator chums Mr Julian Ward and Dan Cockrill – animation has a drink with film and gets drunk with spoken word. Just a little mess around that I’m rather fond of…